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Our people that work in your projects are highly knowledgeable, experienced and OpenText Certified.

About Supai Infotech

Incorporated in July 2008, Supai Infotech India Private Limited is an SAP and OpenText Partner. Supai is led by its co-founders, Prabhu Balakrishnan and Jitendra Banthia who come with more than two decades of rich experience in OpenText and SAP products. We pride ourselves in being a strong and dedicated SAP and OpenText Professional Services team.


We are located in Bangalore, in India. We operate across many diverse industries and geographies.


Our areas of OpenText expertise include the Content Server, Archive Center, Extended ECM for SAP, Vendor Invoice Management for SAP, Capture Center and Exstream. We possess a deep understanding of these products, and we continuously strive to improve upon and upgrade our knowledge and skills. We have successfully executed above a hundred projects for more than fifty customers worldwide. We continue to broaden our areas of OpenText expertise and are driven by our motto: Whats good for OpenText is good for us.

We have successfully implemented high availability, clustered and load-balanced architectures for the OpenText products that we provide services for. We have also successfully designed and executed business continuity plans for different system failure scenarios.

We have also built two products for the OpenText Content Server viz., WorkflowPlus and Language Pack Manager. WorkflowPlus is popular and has been implemented by several customers to build complex yet robust workflows with elegant user experiences without the need for OScript programming.


We have created the Hindi Language Pack for Content Server using Language Pack Manager. 

Supai Infotech has a strong team of above thirty-five solution architects, product specialists, developers and support people who have rich expertise and experience in the implementation and maintenance of highly complex, large-scale implementations. 

Services are managed by Arun Alex, Practice Head - OpenText Solutions and Anoop Kulkarni, Practice Head - SAP-OpenText Solutions.  

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