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OpenText Content Server (OTCS)


We possess in-depth expertise and rich experience in the design and implementation of very large and highly complex OpenText ECM and Extended ECM systems. We have successfully implemented these systems for our customers that are spread across various industries and verticals including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, energy, banking and insurance.

  • ECM strategy and roadmap definition

  • Architecture definition and hardware sizing

  • CIS (Community, Information and Security) modelling

  • Recommendations for system improvements and user adoption

  • Metadata taxonomy, Classifications, Records Management


OpenText Content Server Installation and Content Migration

Our deployment services for OTCS include a range of activities for setup, installation, and configuration of OTCS software and other required components.

  • Installation and configuration of multiple instances for load distribution

  • Installation of instance in Active-Passive cluster using MSCS

  • Installation of OpenText Directory Services, OpenText Archive Server and xECM for SAP

  • Installation of Remote Cache Server and Brava



All our staff including our directors are highly skilled, hands-on OpenText programmers. We deliver the highest quality OScript, REST API and Web Services programming, apart from core Java and .NET applications that integrate with the Content Server. All the applications that we build for our customers go through our very stringent design and code reviews, thereby ensuring that we deliver only the best designed, scalable, easily sustainable and upgradable applications to our customers.

  • Workflow, Web Forms and WebReports

  • Records Management, Contract Management and Smart UI

  • OScript, SOAP and REST Webservices programming in Java and C#.NET

  • Content migration to and from OTCS


We pride ourselves at being the best Content Server upgrade experts. We possess tremendous expertise and many years of rich experience in upgrading several, large complex Content Server systems. Our customers benefit by being able to upgrade their Content Server systems in an efficient and predictable manner.

  • Refined methodology combined with thorough understanding of OTCS

  • Detailed upgrade implementation plan before project commencement

  • Time-bound upgrade commitment based upon customer’s implementation

  • In-place and parallel upgrade

  • Post-upgrade warranty support


Our support services for OTCS include daily and regular maintenance activities, software and patch deployment, system administration, functional and technical support.

  • Dedicated and highly skilled OpenText Content Server experts

  • 24x7 support, or what will suit your requirements

  • User requests, complaints, system monitoring and troubleshooting

  • Both, remote execution and on-site options available


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