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Our Products

We have built our products for the OpenText Content Server (OTCS) based upon real customer needs and problems faced by them. Hence, they are very relevant and deliver tremendous value to our customers, and they have been an integral part of many success stories of our customers' OTCS implementations worldwide.


Both our products for the OpenText Content Server deliver tremendous value to our customers who enjoy using them. 

WorkflowPlus is a product for OTCS that facilitates rapid development of workflows without the need for OScript programming. Our customers use WorkflowPlus to build highly complex workflows with great user experiences in their OTCS systems. WorkflowPlus works harmoniously with the XML Workflow Extensions product by OpenText. To know more, click here.

Language Pack Manager (LPM) is an application that facilitates the creation of new language packs for OTCS. LPM also enables you to make modifications to existing language packs as may be required. The Hindi Language Pack has been created using this application. To know more, click here

Language Pack Manager

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