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OpenText Exstream


We have successfully built large-scale OpenText Exstream (and also StreamServe) mission critical systems for bill printing, dunning letters, claims documents, etc. We have development expertise in other languages such as Arabic as well.

  • Development of business blueprint and roadmap for new implementations

  • Phased approach with deliverables and measurable progress in each phase 

  • Study and recommendations for improvements to existing systems

  • Business continuity planning, high availability and disaster recovery


OpenText Content Server Installation and Content Migration

We possess rich expertise and experience in the deployment of Exstream systems. We are comfortable with the deployment of Exstream components on Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms.

  • Installation of Exstream components - Communication Server, Management Gateway, Communication Builder, Exstream Engine, Empower and PowerDocs

  • Web application deployment in Tomcat and Websphere 

  • Integration with OTCS, OTAS, SAP, Oracle Applications and other systems

  • Single and multi-tenant deployments


We have done extensive programming in both, Exstream and StreamServe and  have a flair for designing elegant and efficient forms and user experiences, apart from building robust integrations with other systems.

  • Layout design in PageIn, PageOut and StoryTeller

  • Programming in ExstreamScript and JavaScript for output management

  • SOAP and RESTful web services programming for system integrations


We are adept at upgrading from old versions of Exstream and StreamServe. We take pains to ensure that your templates continue to function as designed without issues after the upgrade.

  • Upgrade planning and execution of parallel and in-place upgrades

  • Migration of templates from older versions of Exstream and StreamServe

  • Upgrade of layouts and fixing of issues relating to alignment, whitespaces and other issues

  • Rich experience in upgrade of large-scale, mission critical systems


Our support services for Exstream include daily and regular maintenance activities, system administration, issue troubleshooting and resolution.

  • Monitoring of daily jobs and queues using Supervisor

  • Deployment of hot fixes and patches

  • Troubleshooting and resolution of issues

  • Backup of application, layouts and database

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