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Language Pack Manager

Language Pack Manager for OpenText Content Server is available for version CS16 onwards. It's elegant and intuitive Web Form user interface enables the OTCS Language Pack maker to do the translation work in a focused and consistent manner. 

The main features of LPM are listed below -

OScript Module - The module can be installed in the OTCS system just like any other module. Additionally, a few database and OTCS objects are created upon module installation.

Web Forms: LPM's elegant and intuitive user experience is powered by Web Forms with color coding that enables the translator to easily differentiate between records

Google Translate: LPM integrates with Google Translate to provide both, full phrase and individual word translation for each phrase that has to be translated. Additionally, LPM also provides suggestions based upon phrases already processed by the language pack maker. 

Language Pack Creation: LPM automates the process of creation of the new language pack. It creates the language pack folder structure and related files including JS and Properties files as required by OTCS.

Changes to Existing Language Pack: LPM also allows the files of an existing language pack to be loaded in it so that the desired corrections or changes can be made before the revised language pack is regenerated by it.

To request your copy of the Language Pack Manager data sheet and presentation, click here.

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