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OpenText Archive Center (OTAC)



OpenText Content Server Installation and Content Migration

Our consultancy services enable customers to leverage the full capabilities of OTAC and Archive Server (OTAS). We possess in-depth expertise in the areas of HA installation and configuration,  CMIS programming and integrations with other applications.

  • Architecture definition and hardware sizing

  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery

  • Content migration and integration with a wide range of applications

  • Storage options, performance analysis and improvements


We provide our deployment services for all operating systems for which OTAC is available and supported.

  • Single node and multi-node deployments

  • High availability – Active-Passive and Active-Active clustering

  • Storage integrations with NAS/SAN systems like IBM TSM , EMC Centera

  • Hassle-free deployments for Windows, Linux and UNIX



Our programming services include design and development of programs and applications for content migration and batch upload of documents to OTAS. We also build integrations between other systems and OTAS using the programming APIs provided by the product.

  • Archive Server API and CMIS API programming

  • Integration programming for SAP, SharePoint and other systems

  • Custom reports and notifications


We have extensive experience in the upgrade of OTAS, and volume migration from old to upgraded versions of OTAS. Our systematic, well-documented and proven approach to the upgrade process ensures that very large Archive Server repositories are upgraded with minimal downtime for the cutover process.

  • Detailed upgrade implementation plan and time-bound upgrade commitment

  • In-place and parallel upgrade

  • Volume migration for old implementations

  • Post-upgrade warranty support


Our support services for OTAC include daily and regular maintenance activities, system administration, issue troubleshooting and resolution.

  • Round the clock monitoring and support

  • Storage, Buffer and Volume monitoring and provisioning

  • Manual and automated backup of OTAS and database

  • Issue troubleshooting, root-cause analysis and resolution


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