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OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP (VIM)


We possess rich experience in VIM, Business Center (BC) and Business Capture Center (BCC, formerly known as Invoice Capture Center or ICC) for the SAP - ERP Accounts Payable process. 

  • Development of strategy for integration of standard AP processes with VIM

  • System study and recommendations for improvement in accuracy and efficiency of existing implementation

  • Strategy for the capture and processing of invoice data through ICC


OpenText Content Server Installation and Content Migration

Our deployment services for VIM include installation, configuration and integration of VIM components with each other and with the SAP system.

  • Installation of the VIM, Business Center and Business Capture Center

  • Integration of ICC with VIM

  • Single and multi-node deployments


We deliver programming solutions for customizations and enhancements to ICC and SAP-VIM.

  • Customizations and enhancements to VIM standard processes

  • Addition of new invoice fields, enhancements to existing ones and C# .NET programming in ICC

  • Custom Reports and Notifications


We have rich experience in the upgrade of VIM components and deliver them in a time-bound manner with minimal system outage.

  • Upgrade of SAP-VIM

  • Upgrade of ICC

  • In-place and parallel upgrades

  • Post-upgrade warranty support


Our support services for VIM include daily and regular maintenance activities, system administration, issue troubleshooting and resolution.

  • Deployment of Service Packs and patches

  • Troubleshooting and resolution of ICC and VIM issues

  • Improvements in accuracy and efficiency of the ICC solution

  • Backup of application

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