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WorkflowPlus simplifies the task of complex workflow development by providing new step types in the OpenText Content Server Workflow Designer and enhancing the capabilities of existing ones, thereby minimising the need to write OScript code to achieve the desired functionality. 

The new step types introduced by WorkflowPlus are -

        Send custom emails from the workflow


        Rename, set due dates, increment numbers, copy values and set permissions


      Run SQL queries, update attributes, send reports by Email from the workflow


       Seamless integration with DocuSign for digital signature and approval of documents


       Create Groups, assign members and set Group Leader dynamically

Some of the enhancements to existing step types are -

Form Task: Do everything - Comments, Attributes, Attachments and Dispositions


Evaluate: Compare fields of similar data type


All Steps: Reassign or complete workflow steps automatically


All Steps: Configure and send Step Ready, Step Done and Reminder Emails

Dashboard: WorkflowPlus also provides a Smart-UI based dashboard that enables workflow users and managers to perform various activities with minimal clicks, thereby greatly improving user experience and productivity.

To request your copy of the WorkflowPlus data sheet and presentation, click here.

Run Reports from within OpenText Content Server workflow
Send custom emails in OpenText Content Server
Create Groups, set Group members from OpenText Content Server workflow with WorkflowPlus
DocuSign integration with OpenText Content Server workflow
Rename, copy values in OpenText Content Server workflow using WorkflowPlus
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